courtesy linking

February 17, 2014

Often on Reddit or other forums you’ll see an original poster reference something, immediately followed by another’s reply of:

link (for us lazy people)


link for the lazy

I propose that these be termed “courtesy links”.  And it’s often annoying that the OP did not have the courtesy to provide the link in the first place.  I prefer the wording of the second variant above, as “lazy” can be construed to refer to the OP.  The OP’s laziness multiplies the cost for the readers to come.

However, redditors the provide courtesy links are usually heaped in karma.  Maybe /r/theoryofreddit has something to say about it?

Informal social networks are one thing, but linking etiquette is even more important when a coworker is asking you to look at some web resource.  Don’t make me retrace the hoops you jumped through to access a page, which may involve several steps of clicking, typing, and searching.  Just link it!  There’s no karma points in it for you, but it will help me help you faster.